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Things Required to do Makeup-Online Makeup Course

Things required to do makeup
Although there is a difference in professional make up and home make up but the basic things are same. So there are some things which should be on your dressing table.
Tissue paper:
We can do cleansing and can remove make up errors with it.
Cotton pads:
We can fix eyes make up and lip stick with cotto pads.
It is used to do cleansing.
There should be 5 different size of brushes while doing make up.
One big brush to apply blusher. Small and thin brushes for eye make up. One thin brush for the outlinig of the lips for lipstick. Wash every brush once in a week and then dry them with the clean towel.
It is used to hide the marks on the skin. Concealer are in different shapes but use stick because it is easy to use and remains on the face for a while.
Foundation is used to hide the marks and make the skin looks clear and smooth.
Concealer :
It is used to hide the marks and also help in removing dark circles.
Makeup lotion:
Lotion maintains the moisture of the skin and avoid dryness.
There are many types of lotion available in the market for example anti acne and tan lotion
Eye shades:
Eye shades add beauty to the eyes. We can use powder or liquid eye shades.
Eye liner:
Eye liner pencil or liquid can be used to make the eyes beautiful and affective. The edges of the brush should be sharp so that the eyes look more flawless.
Eyebrow pencil:
It is used to shape the eyebrows and make them thick. Choose that pencil which is smooth.
Apply powder after the foundation , it makes the foundation stay longer.
Touch up powder:
This powder is very beneficial for the touching. It is very easy to use and gives very good result when we have to fix the makeup.
To maintain the natural beauty of the eye we use mascara. To handle the eyelashes with care we use it . It gives shape to the lashes and makes them look thick and beautiful. Use two coat instead of using one single coat.
Lip liner:
We use lip liner to outline the lips. You can use it to fill the lips.
Lip liner makes the lipstick stay for long time.
Lip stick:
Lipstick not only make your lips color full but also save your lips from intense heat and climatic changes. It makes our face beautiful. Out of all cosmetics , lip stick is the one which is being used the most. That’s why there is a vast variety of lipsticks in the market.
Lip gloss:
It is used without the lips stick because it gives natural look.
Nail polish:
Nail polish makes you hand look beautiful. The end of the make is usually on the nail polish. It makes our toes and nail attractive. Match your nail color with your dress.

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