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Procedure of preparation of wax

Wax: – It is one of the oldest, finest and secure methods of removing hair from the entire body. Its merits are: –
• Its continuous use makes the hair week and hinder in further growth of hair.
• Wax helps remove white head and black head from the skin.

Wax helps remove white head and black head from the skin.
• It also removes the dirt from the skin pores.
• Helps in circulation of blood.
• Leave the skin smooth, shinning and clean.
• If wax is removed in the correct way then the skin does not become shabby.
• The regrowth of hair becomes slow and takes longer time to grow.
• It is one of the cheapest ways of getting rid of unwanted hair.
• Wax removes the hair from root so leaves skin smooth.

Ingredients: –
• Sugar 1 Kg
• Lemon Juice ½ cup
• White vinegar ½ cup
• Alum 1 pinch (It should be used very little as can ruin mixture)
Take 1 Kg of sugar in sauce pan. Add half cup of water. Keep stirring the mixture. Check the mixture time after time by pouring from the spoon to see whether threads are formed or not.
When threads are formed add ½ cup of lemon and ½ cup of white vinegar. Bubbles will be formed. At this point keep the flame low as the mixture will flow out of the sauce pan.

Keep cooking and stirring the mixture until it changes its color and thickens.
Add a pinch of Alum 2 minutes before you are done with cooking.
Pour it in a bottle for later use as required.
Precautions: –
• Add Alum just a pinch as it can ruin your mixture. It is an Antiseptic and used to get rid of germs.
• If wax thickens due to over cooking spray water in the sauce pan and heat it for a while.
• To check whether wax is ready, apply it directly from the sauce pan with a knife on your hand. The direction of its application will be in the course of hair. Apply a strip of coarse cloth on it and remove it with force in the opposite direction of the hair. If it removes hair then it is ready to apply.

Method of application: –
• If its winter then heat the wax by putting the wax bottle in hot water so that the wax softens and its application is easier. Low flame should continuously be lit under the utensil containing water.
• In summer it is usually soft enough to apply. In summer there is the problem of sweat. When sweat problem arise, sprinkle talcum powder on the area from where you desire to remove the hair. Powder helps absorb the moisture and hair is removed in a very fine way.
• Apply wax from the bottle with a blunt cake knife in the direction of the hair.
• Put a coarse cloth stripe on the applied wax and apply pressure on it with your hand. Leaving it for some time remove it in the opposite direction of hair growth in a go. Apply the stripe again to the wax if left. And pull it again in the opposite direction of hair.

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