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Health Tips in Urdu- Indigestion

Lemon: in case of digestion, take a half piece of lemon and sprinkle some salt on it. Squeeze it in your mouth or suck its juice. It helps to digest the food. If you have hunger or burp problems then squeeze a lemon and add some sugar in glass of water and Drink it daily.
Guava: guava is best for indigestion. Patients with digestion problem should eat 250 grams of guava after taking meal. Healthy people should eat guava before taking meal.
Yogurt: mix some fried zeera, salt, black pepper in yogurt and eat it daily for digestion problem.

tale same quantity of zeera, soonth, soondh salt, black pepper and grind them well. Take a spoon of this powder after talking meal with a glass of water.
Coriander: people with digestion and loose bowl problem should take 60 grams of dried coriander, 25 grams of black pepper and 25 grams of salt. Mix it well together and eat half spoon daily after taking meal.

people with digestion problem should eat radish with salt and black pepper with meal for 2 months daily.

people having digestion problem should eat papaya.

if you have problem in digesting oily things then drink 310 grams of carrot juice mixed with 185 grams of spinach juice.

cut an onion and squeeze some juice of lemon on it. Eat it in case of indigestion.

mix some juice of ginger, lemon and soondha salt and eat once before taking meal and once after taking meal. It helps in indigestion.

mix some cinnamon, sondh and cardamom and eat it daily anytime 2,3 times.

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