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Hairstyles according to face type

Your face looks so beautiful if you have hair style according to your face type. Appropriate hairstyle plays very important role to make your looks more stylish and stunning. Small face
If your face is small then you should set your hairs with scalp. Hair’s setting should be till ears. Brush your hairs properly and set them at little hike from all sides. This style will give your face a frame and small face will look good.
Wide face
Wide face has capability to have beautiful makeup and stunning hairstyle. Make two sections of hairs from centre; leave them open and set on face on forehead and cheeks. It will give an elegant look to wide face.
Long face
If you have long face and neck then set your hairs on forehead in sideways. Leave them open on shoulders. Hanging locks on neck will look good on long face.
Heavy face
If your face is small and heavy then your hairs should be done till back neck. Leave some hairs open on forehead and cheeks.
Undefined face
Step by step layers of hairs coming towards jaws covers undefined features of face. This hairstyle looks good on this type of face.
Face with wide jaws
Comb hairs backward and pin them. Leave hairs open from behind and set some hairs on shoulders so that they can cover the wide haws.
Face with prominent cheekbones
Divide hairs in two sections from centre. Set them down to cheeks. It will look elegant.
Face with small chin
Fluff your hairs and set them towards both ears. Tie hair loosely from back and set them on shoulder from one side.
Hairstyle for face with glasses
Set hairs backward and give them hike from front. Set hairs from ears towards back. Wear ear rings with glasses. It gives you defined looks.
Hairstyle for big forehead face
Set hairs on forehead so that you can hide wideness of your forehead.

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