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Hair straightening

Hair straightening treatment for curly hairs can last for six months. Wella straight strong cream is used for this treatment.
Method of hair straightening
1) Comb hairs properly to straight hair straightening process.
2) Cut hairs in shaggy cut, long length, U shape or round shape according to client’s requirement.
3) Apply straightening cream on all hairs and comb them again backward.
4) Put Luke warm water on all hairs after 45 minutes to wash out all cream from hairs.
5) Keep combing wet hairs for 10 minutes after washing.
6) Damp dry hairs with towel and then dry completely using hair dryer.
7) Leave hairs for 5 minutes after drying.
1) After having hair straightening treatment, do not wash or color your hairs for next 3 to 4 days.
2) Wella straight strong should be applied on hairs leaving 1 inch from scalp. So that cream cannot damage the skin.

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