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foods plan!What to eat during pregnancy

What to eat during pregnancy
During pregnancy women should take care that their diet should contain every necessary nutrient which helps their baby to grow in a balanced way and completely understand this fact that this nutrition is providing you baby appropriate health. Pregnant women need balanced nutrition ,which contains protein ,carbohydrates and fats.

To obtain these nutrients , there exists a variety of vegetables and fruits . But some doctors have discouraged over eating . Good diet doesn’t mean to start over eating . Following are some instructions from which pregnant women can benefit themselves .
Fruits and vegetables :
During pregnancy women should use a lot of fruit and vegetables because you need a lot vitamins and minerals . Try to use at least 5 fruits or vegetables .. eat them or make their juices.

Its better to wash vegetables properly and boil them , before using them because in that way their nutrients wont decrease and your health will be better.

Bread ,potatoes ,breakfast cereals , rice, pasta and noodles contain a lot of carbohydrates.. The use of these things will fulfill your carbohydrates need . Use these things daily in your diet . So that your body with along with the other nutrient your carbohydrate need is also fulfilled.

Protein :
To gain protein you can use Fish ,poultry ,eggs and beans . But while using meat ,keep this thing in your mind that it shouldn’t be the liver of goat or cow . Everyday add up food which contains protein to your diet.

Dairy Products :
Dairy products which contain milk, cheese, yogurt and cream are very important for the pregnant women because this provides calcium and other important nutrients to your body which is needed by the baby. If it is possible ,use those dairy product which contain less amount of oil.For example Skimmed milk.

Iron :
Hemoglobin contains a lot of iron. Hemoglobin along with the blood provides oxygen to the body and along with them iron also deliver oxygen to cells of the body. Pregnant women should use a lot of iron in their diet. That’s why pregnant women should use those food more which contain large amount of iron in them . For example Dry seeds and Dry fruit for example Peach.

Different foods:
If you are feeling very hungry even then don’t use snacks because this can increase cholesterol level of your body. That’s why avoid these type of foods. During pregnancy take care of your diet. Don’t use anything and everything . This doesn’t mean that you can eat everything. You should know that what ever you eat and drink effects your baby .Use brown bread.

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