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Egg and honey mask

Skin is your body’s largest organ covering every single surface of your body. Every woman can have beautiful skin no matter what her age, race or coloring your skin is made up of two main layers called the epidermis and dermis.
1 The Epidermis
This is the top layer of skin and the One you can actually
see. It protects the body from invasion and infection helps to seal in moisture.
2 The Dermis
The dermis is the layer that lies underneath the epidermis and it is composed entirely of living cells. It consist of bundles of tough fibers. Which give your skin its elasticity, firmness and strength? The dermis also contain the following specialized organ. 1 Sebaceous gland

2 Sweat gland

Mask purpose
The recipe of this mask is very simple and easy after using this mask you will feel so relax. This mask is remove deadly surface of your skin after using this mask your skin become soft and smooth. This mask also be used as cleanser.
Beauty tips
Whichever method of exfoliation you use, avoid the delicate eye area .This is because the skin is very fine here and can be easily irrigate.

Some important suggestion’s
Before preparing this mask remind these things that are. This mask can be used for normal skin.This mask can be used for oily skin.This mask can be used for normal skin.This mask specially formulates all type of skin.This mask is very easy to preparing.This mask can be prepared every age of girl.This mask can be used every age of girl age limit is not specific for this mask.This mask has excellent result.This mask is specially used for skin tiding.This mask will give glow to deadly skin.Before applying this mask time limit must be in your mind.This mask must be used for 15 to 20 minutes.Repeat this mask 3 times in a weak.And be carefully adding things which I added.And marinate the mask as I tell you.Apply this mask with the help of brush,brush must be clean and soft use this mask in a cold place while sitting,don’t use this mask at your face in hot place.

Made yourself beautiful that you attract every one, and you look gorgeous. Follow my instruction and be with me for that. And now I start my lesson.

Egg and honey mask

Egg, lemon, honey

Things Limit

Egg one, Lemon 1 tea spoon, Honey ½ teaspoon.


Separate white and yellow part of egg.

Mash yellow part of egg that it convert into fog, add half spoon of honey in it and mix it for 5 minutes. And mix it well after mixing apply it on face with the help of brush.

Leave it for 15 minutes. Time must be 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes take white part of egg and add one spoon of lemon juice in it, mix it for 5 minutes.

And apply it on your face with the help of brush and leave it more for 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes clean this mask with cotton balls wet with rose water.

Repeat this mask 3 days in a weak.

After cleaning wash your face with cold water.


It will bring glow to your deadly skin and help in skin tiding.


Repeat this mask 3 days in a weak.

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