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Coloring and Bleaching

Colors available these days are much better than previous ones. Coloring hairs for short period of time is not difficult today. So many beautiful colors are available in markets these days that you can try at home.
How to select color?
Temporary colors can be used on wet hairs before shampoo. They stick to the outer layer of hairs. They wash away with next shampoo. These temporary colors are best for grey or golden hairs to improve the personality impression. Semi permanent colors are long lasting and stay on hairs till next 6 to 8 washes. These colors are best to darken the shade of hairs but it is not possible for them to lighten the hair shade. These colors reach to the upper layer of hairs. That is why these colors stay longer. After some period of time, these colors start to fade. These colors are best for women who love to do experiments with their hairs. But too much dying can also damage the texture of your hairs.
Some realities regarding hair coloring
1) Coloring can damage your hair texture.
2) Coloring affects the pores of scalp so it can help against excessive oil production.
3) Dark colors reflect light so hairs look thicker.
4) Highlights darken the shade of thin hairs and make heavy hairs look little thin.
5) Consistent use of light colors can cause thinning of hairs.

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