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foods plan!Methods of avoiding pregnancy

Methods of avoiding pregnancy There are many method to stop pregnancy. Many social welfareorganisations have planned to spread knowledge in this regard. But every women should act indivisually on the following advices to avoid pregnancy There are many natural ways of avoiding pregnancy. Firstly you should avoid sexual intercourse after 10 to

foods plan!What to eat during pregnancy

What to eat during pregnancy During pregnancy women should take care that their diet should contain every necessary nutrient which helps their baby to grow in a balanced way and completely understand this fact that this nutrition is providing you baby appropriate health. Pregnant women need balanced nutrition ,which contains protein

week 3!regnancy: Week 3 Pregnancy Calculator

Your Baby’s Development Even though you'll not feel that you’re pregnant nonetheless, you have got a baby growing and developing inside you! though your baby was simply conceived, he or she is functioning overtime. The fertilized egg goes through a method of division. regarding thirty hours when fertilization, it divides into

week 4!Your Baby’s Development

Your Baby’s Development Four weeks into your pregnancy, your baby (called an embryo) consists of 2 layers of cells — the epiblast and therefore the hypoblast — that may eventually turn out to be all of your baby’s organs and body components. 2 alternative structures that develop at now are the