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Procedure of preparation of wax

Wax: - It is one of the oldest, finest and secure methods of removing hair from the entire body. Its merits are: - • Its continuous use makes the hair week and hinder in further growth of hair. • Wax helps remove white head and black head from the skin. Wax helps remove

Egg mask

Every human need moisturizer for their skin, so you need moisturizer their skin .so you use moisturizing of your skin, as the weather change your skin also need of monitoring your mask. Balance your skin use homemade mask. Homemade mask is prepared every kind of skin use of homemade mask

Egg and honey mask

Skin is your body’s largest organ covering every single surface of your body. Every woman can have beautiful skin no matter what her age, race or coloring your skin is made up of two main layers called the epidermis and dermis. 1 The Epidermis This is the top layer of skin and

5 There is different kind of mask

Homemade mask is prepared for every kind of skin. This is suitable for dry skin oilskin and normal skin for each kind of skin separate mask is prepared sometime a single mask is applied every kind of skin. Proper use of homemade mask is to remove patches, lining and removed

Almond oil and egg mask

In this mask the thing which are used helpless to remove dryness from your skin and it also remove wrinkles.Before making this mask, want to discuss some important things. It is very important to know that this mask for which kind of skin and age it can be used. Before

Application of eye shadow

You can give beautiful effects to your face by using different eye shadows. Eyes are the most important feature of face so make applied on eyes is always prominent. Although beautiful shade of lipstick can attract anyone towards you but beautifully done eye makeup can leave a long lasting impression

Treatment of steam and towel

Treatment of steam and towel Steaming is very important for skin. It has very positive effects on skin. It helps to open the closed pores of your skin. It also helps to remove the white and black heads. Your skin can become flawless due to steaming. It also removes dirt from

Face mask

Egg mask: Mix one egg with 1 lemon juice. Mix them together very well. Apply this mask on face and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Egg yolk mixed with lemon juice is also a good face mask. Honey mask: Mix honey and some drops of lemon together very well. Apply it


Bleaching Bleaching is not a way to get rid of unwanted facial hairs but it helps to lighten the color of facial hairs. Facial hairs becomes non prominent after beaching. Bleaching is done on face and neck leaving areas of lips and eyes. Bleaching is also done on arms after waxing.

Face massage

Beauty is praised by everyone. Every woman wants to look beautiful either they have fair complexion or dark complexion. Face massage is best to keep skin fresh, young and beautiful. Facial should be done after 25 to 30 years of age. Women of 25 to 30 years should have facial

Eye shadows

Eye shadows There are a lot of eye shadows are available in market these days. Selection of one shade is obviously a difficult task. A little mistake in selection of eye shadow can ruin your makeup look. There is not any solid rule for selection of eye shadows. You just have

How to make curly hairstyle

Roller set provides base for many kind of curly hairstyles. It can also be used to straighten the hairs. All type of curls can be made by using roller set. Rollers also provide base for upside hairstyles. You need styling spray, hair comb, roller brushes or rollers, hair pins and

Shimmery makeup

Base Use cream foundation to have fresh and beautiful looks. Use shimmery powder to have shiny look. Eyes You eye makeup should not be too dark. It should be according to your dress color. Apply natural shiny color base on eyes and make it prominent by using black pencil. Apply pink color liner

High level makeup

Base Start your makeup by applying moisturizer to protect your skin. Apply foundation on whole face and neck. Apply pink color blusher on cheeks to make them prominent. Eyes Apply mixture of dark pink and red color on eyes and blend them together very well. Apply little dark shade on lower outline of

Model makeup

Base Apply concealer under eyes to hide dark circles. Apply “Mae” finisher on whole face. Apply dark color blusher on cheeks to highlight them. Eyes Apply yellowish orange and shining golden eye shades on middle crease of eyes and blend them together very well. Apply shimmer on eyebrow bone. Apply mascara on lashes.

International makeup

Base Apply cream color matt finish and set it using lose powder. Apply dark pink color blusher on cheeks to make them prominent. Eyes Apply parrot green and bronze color eye shadows on eyes and blend them very well. Apply black kajal in eyes. Apply mascara on lashes carefully. Lips Apply dark pink color lipstick

Party Make up

Base Apply concealer to hide the flaws of skin. Now apply blusher on cheeks towards temples. Eyes Apply green color eye shadow on eyes and blend it very well towards outer corner of eyes. Apply black pencil or kajal in eyes now. Lips Make outline of lips using lip liner. Apply light yellowish orange clip

Bridal Make Up

Bridal Makeup Procedure Base is the the first step in bridal makeup. Application of all makeup is done after face base. 1) Do proper cleansing of face and neck then wash face. 2) Pat dry face completely then take some skin tonic on cotton bud and apply on whole face and neck. 3) Let face

Bridal Make Up

Base Apply foundation on whole face. Apply concealer to hide dark spots on face. Apply face powder to make foundation stay longer. Apply blusher on cheeks towards temples. Eyes Apply cream shadow on eyes. Now apply dark brown color eye shadow on outer corners of eyes. Apply golden eye shadow on inner corner

Precautions for makeup

Precautions Always buy good quality makeup products. Low quality products can cause skin damages I-e dark complexion, wrinkles, freckles, dark spots etc so always be careful while buying makeup products. • Chemicals are used to give make cosmetics a long life but once you unseal and start to use your cosmetics, chemicals