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Remedies to make teeth shiny and strong at home

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Remedies to make teeth shiny and strong at home 1) Mix some salt and soda (baking soda) and brush your teeth with it. 2) If you feel bleeding in your gums then mix some honey and almond oil and apply on bleeding spot. It will stop bleeding from gums. 3) Rub peel of

The cure of mouth blister

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Banana: Eat banana with yogurt to cure mouth blister. Morus: One tea spoon of morus in water and gurgle it. It will help. Coriander : Mix baking soda and the powder of coriander and apply it on the blisters. Apply crushed coriander on the blisters. Gurgle the juice of coriander Tomatoes: The person who have repeated problem of

Facial mask

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These are intensive treatment, designed either to deed cleanse your skin or dramatically boots its moisture. These masks are designed to contain hundred of tinny abrasive particles. When massage into damp skin, these particle dislodge dead surface skin cell, revealing the younger, fresher cells underneath.   These are intensive treatment, designed either

Lemon moisturizing mask

Face is most important part of human body and face is mirror of intensely feeling. God gives good face to the people from day of beginning of human error, so it human duty to thanks God. God for his kindness so it’s our duty to give good care to our skin

Lining homemade mask for skin

It is not only supermodel Hollywood star can look wonderful. Every woman can make the most of her looks by learning the tricks of the thread, overcoming particular beauty problem and perfecting a look that really suit her. This section peels away the mystique surrounding the world of skin care

Mask for normal skin

This mask is especially formulate for normal skin. The recipe of this mask is very simple to make yourself beauty by applying some beauty tips. After removing mask if you feel your skin get dryer then take ice and massage it on your skin. To make yourself relax take cotton

Milk and cream mask

It’s important not to treat oily skin too harshly, although this can be temping when you’re faced with a fresh outbreak of pimples. To develop a better understanding of your skin and what will suit it best, start by answering the questions here . To discover which of the skin

Multani matti (mud) Mask for Skin Disease

Skin disease is common. Surveys’ suggest that approximately 1 in 7 to in 10 of all visited to a primary care physician is for a skin problems. For many hospitals the number of patients attending for dermatological diagnosis and treatment exceeds the total number of visit for the whole of

Peach scrub

Peach is one of the best fruit, it contain vitamins which are good for skin . So different fruits have different advantages and they are very healthy diet. As fruit is necessary for human body, because they are enriched different minerals and vitamins a wide verity of minerals are essential

Skin moisturizing mask

Read carefully about some beauty tips and solve your skin problem. Your skin can change with the seasons. For instance, skin that becomes oily in the hot summer months can become drier in winter and in central heating. So take your skins own particular quirks into account when choosing your

Tomato mask for attractive face

Good food is best for the good skin. Skin is most sensitive part of body so it need care outside and inside. In case of inside care you need good diet and healthy food like vitamins, minerals, portion etc. Good diet will result in healthy and glowing skin. Fats are


APPLE Fruit is necessary for every person because it is very good for body and skin. Every need to eat fruit daily for adults it is very necessary because fruit like apple is full of calcium and it is good diet. Use an apple daily in morning before eating something else; it will help

Apple and cream mask

Now i,m taking about moisturizer it it’s very important to know about moisturizer. Because your skin type has a combination of dray and oily skin, you need a twin approach to skin care. So your skin needs monitoring .smooth moisturizer on to entire skin, concentrating on the drier cell. The