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Hair Tips in Urdu- Making hair black

Making hair black Lemon: massage lemon juice in scalp to get rid of white hair. Mix some anoola in lemon juice and apply it on white hair. It helps to make white hair black naturally. Carrot: Drink daily carrot juice to keep hair healthy and black. Onion: grind onion and apply on hair

Coloring and Bleaching

Colors available these days are much better than previous ones. Coloring hairs for short period of time is not difficult today. So many beautiful colors are available in markets these days that you can try at home. How to select color? Temporary colors can be used on wet hairs before shampoo. They

Hair straightening

Hair straightening treatment for curly hairs can last for six months. Wella straight strong cream is used for this treatment. Method of hair straightening 1) Comb hairs properly to straight hair straightening process. 2) Cut hairs in shaggy cut, long length, U shape or round shape according to client’s requirement. 3) Apply straightening cream

Different styles of hair cutting

SHAGGY This hair cut is difficult to make. Check the type and texture of hairs before cutting. This hair cut does not good look on straight hairs. If your hairs are naturally straight then have perms after having shaggy cut. This style is best for curly hairs. Procedure Wrap cloth around customer’s neck

Hairstyles according to face type

Your face looks so beautiful if you have hair style according to your face type. Appropriate hairstyle plays very important role to make your looks more stylish and stunning. Small face If your face is small then you should set your hairs with scalp. Hair’s setting should be till ears. Brush

Baby cut

Baby cut This hair cut can be done in different styles. If baby or woman having this style is physically weak then French cut is advised. French cut Process: Wrap a cloth around neck properly. Leave hairs on back as they are. Take a section of hairs from front and comb it towards face.

Hair cutting

Hair cutting Hair cutting should be according to the structure of hairs. Cutting technique for curly, straight, thin, thick, dry or oily is always different. Hair cutting also depends on structure of your face. Not only face structure, ears and neck should also be considered to have perfect hair cut. Personality consideration

Tips & for Splits End Hair

Hair Split Ends Split ends are most often seen in long hair but also found in shorter hair that is out of condition and is an affliction of anyone trying to grow their hair. The problem can be solved with good hair maintenance so check out this article! Split ends are more

Benefits Of Olive Oil For Healthy Hair

Olive Oil For Hair Growth Olive oil is known to be one of the best natural remedies for promoting the growth of good hair and skin and overall body health. This is because olive oil is rich in polyphenols which have anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. Hence, some of the most

Hair Falling and Dry Hair Tips

Tips for Loss Of Hair This is a very natural phenomenon and all of us do loss hair. Too much of hair loss is a matter of concern. This usually happens after a long illness, extreme climates, too much of stress and bad eating or sleeping habits. Tips 1 Wash the hair with

Tips for Brushing Long Hair

Brushing Tips for Longer Hair To start with, bend forward half way allowing your hair to fall in front of you. Make sure you are using a brush with natural bristles and a wooden. Begin brushing your hair from the nape of the neck over the head all the way down

Different Tips for Hair

Homemade Recipes For Dry Hair Many struggle with dry, hard to manage hair. This can be cause naturally by genetics or improper care such as using harsh chemicals (relaxers, color) or by hot styling products (blow dryer, heat iron). The good news is that some beauty recipes can help restore or