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Fall Skin Care Tips

Fall Skin Care Tips Skin is the most touchy part of any living being whose consideration is really essential whatsoever levels. An exceptional skin is the particular case that is free of pimples, pimple inflamation, aggravation, dim spots and so forth. All these things can demolish one's excellence so to deal

Ways to get rid of freckles and dark spots from face

Ways to get rid of freckles and dark spots from face If you go out and remain in sun light whole day without using sun block then you might see some little brown spots on your face and neck in some days. Freckles are big brown spots on skin. Freckles are also

Natural treatment for freckles

Natural treatment for freckles Daily apply mixture of tomato juice and lime juice before taking bath to make your skin fresh, bright and freckle free. You can make this bright eningmask yourself to make your skin beautiful naturally. Add a tomato and 1 cup lemon juice in blender and blend it

Oxygen in cream

Oxygen in cream It was needed to have some facial creams with oxygen but formula was not invented yet. Dr. Herzog was the first scientist that invented the successful formula of oxygen in facial creams. 1) Oxygen facial or oxygen creams are very helpful for skin. They penetrate deeply in skin and

Tips for freckles and dark spots

Tips for freckles and dark spots All cosmetic surgeons of world are agreed that oxygen facial with lotions and creams for dark spots and freckles gives very fast best results. Procedure: fist of all remove any kind of oil from face completely. Apply antiseptic creams for dark spots and freckles on face where

How to apply foundation properly

How to apply foundation properly First of all it is very important to have foundation according to your skin type and color. Apply foundation dots on forehead. Nose, chin and cheeks, blend it very well using foundation brush or fingertips. If you have pimples or dark spots on your face then apply

Lips care

Lips care Use of lipstick is not just to make your lips look beautiful. It is also very important to take care of your lips. If your lips are dry then use moisturizer with lipstick to keep lips fresh and smooth. There are so many moisturizing lipsticks available in market these days.

Secrets of beauty for men and women

Secrets of beauty for men and women Happiness and satisfaction keeps your mind relax and skin fresh similarly sorrows and depression makes you and your skin disturbed. So, it is advised to both men and women to be happy to look younger and fresh. Almost every boy and girl experiences pimples

Model makeup

Base Apply concealer under eyes to hide dark circles. Apply “Mae” finisher on whole face. Apply dark color blusher on cheeks to highlight them. Eyes Apply yellowish orange and shining golden eye shades on middle crease of eyes and blend them together very well. Apply shimmer on eyebrow bone. Apply mascara on lashes.

Party Make up

Base Apply concealer to hide the flaws of skin. Now apply blusher on cheeks towards temples. Eyes Apply green color eye shadow on eyes and blend it very well towards outer corner of eyes. Apply black pencil or kajal in eyes now. Lips Make outline of lips using lip liner. Apply light yellowish orange clip

Tips to Reduce Eyes’ Wrinkles

How to remove wrinkles? Youth is so much loving and beautiful that no body wants to be looked old. It is fact that some people looks old and get wrinkled in early age; while some faces remain healthy and wrinkle free even with aging old. Is it possible to remove wrinkles for ever? Wrinkles

Tips for Nail Polishing

By the following tips given below and making an effort to have healthy and beautiful nails, you will have better-looking hands. You may also consider getting a hand massage to boost circulation, encourage nail growth, and best of all pamper you, your hands, and fingernails. Nail Polish Remover Wipe your nails with

Tips for Manicure

Tips for Manicure - Procedural Steps / Purpose of manicure 1. Prevent hang - nail formation. 2. Prevents nail damages like splits, tears, and fragile tips. 3. The accompanying massage of the hands improve and increase the blood circulation, suppleness and flexibility of the hands and wrist. 4. Discourages wrinkling of the skin on

Beauty Tips for Dry Skin

Recipe 1 Prepare mixture of lemon juice, pure honey and vegetable oil in equal proportions. Apply this mixture on skin and wait for 10-15 minutes in order to moisturize dry skin. Recipe 2 In order to remove oily look, apply buttermilk for 10 15 minutes. Extra oil will be soaked up by this

Make Your Own Sunscreen / Sunblock

Making your own sunscreen Look for a sunscreen with at least one of the following ingredients: Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide and/or Avobenzone. These three are the only ingredients that are effective at blocking the (aging) UVA rays instead of just the (burning) UVB rays. Don't rely on anything that doesn't have

Tips to Use Contact Lenses

Contact lens Leonardo da vinci is the first to introduce the general principle of contact lenses in 1508, where he described a method of directly altering corneal power by submerging the eye in a bowl of water. A contact lens is a corrective, cosmetic or therapeutic lens usually placed on the

Eyes Exercises To Get Relaxed

Enhance Your Eyes Through Exercise Besides the eye make-up and the beauty sleep, you can do this simple exercise everyday to keep your eyes bright, healthy and glowing. The method While lying down or in a sitting posture, place your middle fingers between the brows, above the bridge of the nose. Place your

Tips for College Girls

Some Tips for College Girls….. How can you create a look that’s pretty, but not overdone? What’s appropriate for college, anyway? These questions and more will be answered. Daytime makeup for college - a beauty routine for when you’re going to class, work, and just hanging out around campus. I’ll be

Remedies for Dark Circle

Dark Circles Remedies Home remedies for dark circles are considered to be the best healing method. It is natural way of curbing the dark blemishes under the eye which will not cause any harm to the skin. 1. Application of a thin sliced cucumber on top of each eye for 15 to