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Bridal Make Up

Bridal Makeup
Base is the the first step in bridal makeup. Application of all makeup is done after face base.
1) Do proper cleansing of face and neck then wash face.
2) Pat dry face completely then take some skin tonic on cotton bud and apply on whole face and neck.
3) Let face dry then apply pan stick on whole face and neck in dots and blend it very well.
4) Apply Rough on face areas that look patchy. Blend it well on that area. Do not apply n whole face.
5) Take some liquid foundation and face powder and apply this mixture on dark circles carefully. Rub with soft hands.
6) Apply foundation on whole face and neck in patches. Blend foundation very well.
7) Apply face powder on whole face and neck using big sponge.
8) Take a cotton ball and rub face powder slightly on face and neck.
9) Take a wet cotton ball, squeeze water from it very well. Use this cotton ball with very soft hands on your face to remove the excessive powder from face and neck. Base is completed. Makeup starts now.
10) Apply pan stick on whole face and neck in patches and rub it slightly with hands.
11) Remove excessive pan stick using cotton ball.
12) Apply foundation in spots on whole face and blend well.
13) Again remove excessive foundation using cotton ball.
14) Apply shiner on whole face using finger tips.
15) Apply stick blush on cheekbones and blend using finger tips.
16) Apply powder blush on same place and blends towards temples using finger tips.
17) Apply eye shadow pencil with whole length lashes. Apply same pencil with lower lashes on half length. Blend with eye shadow brush for contrast shadow so that they do not seem separately.
18) Apply silver or golden highlighter on eye brow bone using brush. It is applied according to the dress.
19) Apply brown pencil on eyebrows and brush eye brows to give them proper shape.
20) Apply eye liner very carefully with line of lashes.
21) Apply mascara on both upper and lower lashes carefully.
22) Apply lip pencil on lips according to the shape of lips and then apply lipstick within lip line using lipstick brush.
23) Apply lip gloss if lips are dry.
24) Apply disco on cheeks.
25) Make bindya in between both eyebrows and apply disco around it.

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