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How to apply foundation properly

How to apply foundation properly
First of all it is very important to have foundation according to your skin type and color. Apply foundation dots on forehead.
Nose, chin and cheeks, blend it very well using foundation brush or fingertips. If you have pimples or dark spots on your face then apply concealer first to cover them then apply foundation on face and neck.
If your foundation is water based then you need to apply it fast otherwise it will get dry and will not give desired results.
How to apply lipstick:
Some girls have well shaped lips naturally. They need no effort to outline or apply lipstick on lips but if your lips are not well shaped then give them shape using lip pencil. It your lips are big then make outline little inward then apply lipstick of light shades. But if lips are very small or slim then make outlive little outwards and use dark shades of lipstick.
How to make lipstick long lasting:
Follow the tips to make your lipstick long lasting. First of all apply some foundation on lips now apply some face powder on it. Now outline your lips and apply lipstick very carefully. Put a tissue paper between lips and press little to remove excessive lipstick from lips. In this way your lipstick will not fade away and will last longer.