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Beauty Tisp in Urdu-Beauty Tips and Tricks

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Makeup Box
Making beauty box and collecting its accessories is an interesting hobby, if you take it as a part time pass hobby rather than making it a full time job headache. Here we are presenting a huge ... Read More....

Basic accessories
You do not need to spend a lot of money on makeup tools. With accurate and right knowledge, you can do perfect makeup using some basic makeup tools that you can easily manage to buy Read More....

Foundation that makes you skin tone and texture smooth and flawless is always the best choice. Right choice of foundation gives a base to your makeup to stay longer and to look Read More....

Face powder
Powder gives a finishing touch to your foundation and keeps it fresh for hours. Powder can also be used without using foundation if you want to have a natural look. Read More...

Blushers are used to highlight the cheek bones and to make them prominent. It becomes an essential part of your daily makeup when you know how to use it properly. Read More....

Eye shadows
There are available in so many colors. Choosing an eye shadow is no doubt can be a difficult task. Wrong selecting of eye shadow can ruin your whole makeup look. Read More....

Eyeliner and Mascara
Eye liners and mascaras are used to make eye prominent and look bigger. They make your eyes look more beautiful and attractive. Read More....

Beauty products for skin and body
These products make keeps your skin and body always looks beautiful and fresh. These products contains cleansers, tonners, moisturizers. Read More.....

Moisturizing is the last step of daily skin care routine. Our skin loses moisture due to sun shine, dirt, cold or hot weather. Moisturizing helps to balance the moistur in your skin. Read More....