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Tips for College Girls

Some Tips for College Girls…..
How can you create a look that’s pretty, but not overdone? What’s appropriate for college, anyway? These questions and more will be answered. Daytime makeup for college - a beauty routine for when you’re going to class, work, and just hanging out around campus.
I’ll be covering nighttime makeup looks in another post soon.
Read on for my top tips to doing pretty & simple daytime makeup!

Little time for Makeup…
You don’t want to spend hours getting ready every morning, so keep your makeup routine as minimal as possible. You’ll be thanking yourself when you wake up late and have to run out the door to your 9AM class!
Simpler is better. Here are the cosmetics that are easy to carry for college going girl:

100% necessary no matter how great your natural eyelashes are. Mascara makes your eyes pop & helps you look put-together.

Covers everything, looks completely natural, and is easy to use.

Lip gloss or lip balm
Because dry lips are never cute. So always use lip gloss.

Blush or bronzer
For a hint of color & to help you look awake, even at 8AM.