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Face powder-Beauty Tips in Urdu

Face powder
Powder gives a finishing touch to your foundation and keeps it fresh for hours. Powder can also be used without using foundation if you want to have a natural look. In my opinion whatever powder you choose to use, always use less powder on your face. Be careful while applying powder under eyes because there are so many small lines under your eye that can be more prominent if you apply so much powder. Always try to use powder that contains sun screen or moisturizer in it to protect your skin.
Lose powder
These types of face powders are available in markets in so many colors and are appropriate for all skin types. They are usually used to set the liquid foundation and to reduce the excessive shine on your face.
Cake powder
They come in hard form and are available in market in so many shades. They are easy to keep in your purse as compared to lose powders. It becomes easy to re touch your makeup time by time by using cake powder.