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Baby cut

Baby cut
This hair cut can be done in different styles. If baby or woman having this style is physically weak then French cut is advised.
French cut
Wrap a cloth around neck properly. Leave hairs on back as they are. Take a section of hairs from front and comb it towards face. Cut hairs from ears to forehead. Cut hairs from one side of ear towards centre of forehead. Similarly cut hairs from other ear to centre of forehead. Hairs are kept little long from centre. It makes a round shape.
Second procedure of French cut is to cut in layers. This cutting is done in layers. First make hairs wet then hold some hairs in comb and keep cutting in layers.
Layers cut
This hair cut is done to create natural layres in hairs. All hairs are trimmed in this cutting. This style needs to set before and after shampooing.

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