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5 There is different kind of mask

Homemade mask is prepared for every kind of skin. This is suitable for dry skin oilskin and normal skin for each kind of skin separate mask is prepared sometime a single mask is applied every kind of skin. Proper use of homemade mask is to remove patches, lining and removed dead cell of your skin and make yourself beautiful.
1 Home made mask This mask gives shining to your skin and remove all kinds of problem related to skin.2 Almond masks

These are ideal for dray skin complexion as they will boost the moisture levels of your skin.

This means they can help banish dray patches, flakiness, and even fine lines.

3 Dray milk Mask

These are great for oily skins as they will absorb excess grease and impurities from your skin ,living it looking cleaner and fresher.

4 Oily cream mask

Even normal skins sometimes suffer from the build _up of dead skin cell, which can create a dull look and lead to future problems.

5 Peel-off masks

These are great for all skin types, and fun to use you look beautiful. These are suitable for sensitive skin, as well as oily complexions, as they have a wonderfully soothing and cooling effect.

Points of remember

Clean your face before Applying your chosen mask. Afterwards, rinse with warm water, and then apply moisturizer.

If you have combination skin , take this tip from the beauty salon for oily skin and use two masks one suitable for oily skin one for dray skin one suitable for oily skin just apply.

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