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Makeup Course in Urdu
Base is the the first step in bridal makeup. Application of all makeup is done after face base. 1) Do proper cleansing of face and neck then wash face, read more>>>>

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Beauty Tips In Urdu
Making beauty box and collecting its accessories is an interesting hobby, if you take it as a part time pass hobby rather than making it a full time job headache.read more>>>>

Homemade Facial Mask with Urdu Video
In this mask the thing which are used helpless to remove dryness from your skin and it also remove wrinkles.Before making this mask, want to discuss some important things, read more>>>>

Body and Beauty Step by Step
Body and beauty
Osteoporosis is bone mineral deficiency in human body. It is usually related with old age which results week bones. A minor fall could lead hip fracture affecting, read more>>>>

Secrets of beauty for women
Happiness and satisfaction keeps your mind relax and skin fresh similarly sorrows and depression makes you and your skin disturbed. So, it is advised to both men and women to be happy to look younger and fresh. read more>>>>

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online makeup courses
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